Reshitivist – Commencement By Failure

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Independent
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Released: 2018
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Adrian Zuccon – All Instruments


1. Narrative
2. Unified And Destroyed
3. Smear Of Potential
4. Garden Of Shit
5. Filled With Something?
6. Disrupt Order
7. Fabricated And Fucked Up
8. The Deluge9. Spawn (Caduceus)
10. Lethargic, Frustrated, Brainwashed?
11. The Arsehole Man (Compassion Meets
Severe Anguish)
12. Resign
13. Conclusion Omni


Reshitivist is the sole vision of our good friend Adrian Zuccon aka Bage from Melbourne, Australia. He also has Siberian blood and lives there on occasion as well according to my information, so combined with living in Melbourne which can be a cold miserable place or just plain so hot you think you are living in hell, he certainly has a very fine understanding of extremes. Melbourne by the way is a lovely place, I have lived there, but to understand its weather systems is almost an art unto itself.

Anyway, enough about the bloody weather, the main point I am trying to get at here is extremity, and this release has it in spades. Apparently recorded mainly on some basic equipment and then mixed at his abode over a period of eight months or so, I was pleasantly surprised by the end result. Yes a lot of you get all excited at the thought of a man recording an album in a small wet box on an eight track with only three working tracks functioning, on his little sister’s K-Mart electric guitar. The drums comprising of a couple of tin cans and the vocals sounding like they are coming from down the road, to the left and under a pile of leaves, trve Kvlt.

Not this little black duck. I actually like to hear my artist bold, loud and in your face, preferably with some talent and musical direction as well. I want to feel the guitar and the bass flaying me alive and the drums kicking in my front door. I want to hear their voice so fucking well that they may as well be sitting right next to me screeching in my ear. The beauty of this release is that for the small amount of equipment used in its recording, the end result is astounding.

“Bage” deals pretty much in the sphere of some goddamn angry blackened death metal, with a few surprises thrown in for good measure. Straight off the mark with ‘Narrative’ you will nod your head in that knowing way, and you’d be mostly right. The beauty is though that he does indeed walk that fine line between black and death oh so well, so much so that even the die hard in either camp could well relate to this.

How does he do this you ask? Well vocally for starters he is quite able to switch pitch and tone at will, from death growl to wraith scream and in between he has it all covered. As far as the music itself well, you get your fast blasty bits, your tremolo picking frenzy bits, some chunky thrashy bits and of course some riffs of death to tie it all together. The drumming is superb and well paced, and the bass is lower at times than a snake’s bottom. You also get some finger picky bits and the awesomely sublime ‘Fabricated And Fucked Up’ which is not at all what it sounds like.

Other highlights? Well ‘Lethargic, Frustrated, Brainwashed?’ is a doozy of a number that pounds you into the ground and gets your toes a-tapping  before embarking on a narrative of sorts in the mid section that is just awesome, and winds up ending on a nice deathly tone. Fantastic stuff. ‘The Arsehole Man (Compassion Meets Severe Anguish)’ is a slower number that if you did not know who it was you may mistake for one of the classic bands from days gone by. Every song is a cracker.

I cannot emphasize how good this is and how glad I am to have had this thrown in my direction, or I may have missed it. I am always very impressed by any artist that goes it all alone, but this guy? Just amazing. Get on it folks, now!

Review by The Great Mackintosh