Venenum + Slaegt + Decrepid + NNGNN @ Boston Music Room, London

Date: 12th February 2018
Review by Gabor Csete

As soon as I heard that Venenum were playing in Boston Music Room I got excited. Of course because I love them but on top of that they released one of the best albums in 2017.

I got to Boston Music Room quite early and it was nearly empty. The first band – NNGNN – was ready to start, but they had to do it infront of only a handful of people. I never understood why bands choose to have an unpronouncable name, but I guess it doesn’t really matter (their name was Nolti Nan Gana Nan Nolta until 2016). The Scottish duo didn’t have an amazing sound (it will be true for the whole night) but their black/thrash metal was fun to listen to and I have a weak spot for metal duos.

The second band was one of London’s death metal group: Decrepid. For them the stage looked tiny (especially if you compare them to the two piece) and the sound was the same as before (the sound engineer wasn’t the best I guess, and from the reaction and “kind” words of Decrepid’s guitarist it was crap on the stage too). I’ve had the chance to see the guys a few times before and they always deliver their rotten death metal at a quality level. Their new bass player fit the band well.

Before and in between the gigs I saw these young guys with 70s haircuts, weird shirts and flairs. Well, they were the third act of the night: Slaegt. I’d never heard about these Danish youngsters before, but I have to say I love and hate them at the same time. I love them because of what they did on stage (and on records) and I hate them because they are so young… their music is amazing. They play black metal but with a kinda 70s rock sound and with heavy metal elements. I’ve tried to find a reason why the hell I’d not heard about them until this gig but I am grateful that now at least I’ve seen them. I highly recommend them.

Last band of the night was Venenum. As I mentioned, the German guys’ last album (first full-length) Trance Of Death is a masterpiece. They started the concert with the first song of the above mentioned effort, and the mournful sound of the cellos sent shivers down my spine. I had the same feeling during their whole set despite the not so good sound. It wasn’t just a regular gig, it was a ceremony for death. There’s no need for a big venue and special effects to create such an atmosphere, which left me speechless for days. I wish to witness it again as soon as possible.