Butcher Babies, Eyes Set To Kill, Krogr @ The Dome, London

Date: 4th March 2018
Review by Gabor Csete
Photography by Miguel de Melo

I’d never listened to Butcher Babies nor seen them before this gig. Of course I’d heard about them as their debut came out via Century Media Records 5 years ago and because the band is fronted by two good-looking ladies. To be honest this second fact made bigger noise in the scene than everything else about them… So without any expectations I headed to The Dome.

When I got there the first support band Krogr was already on stage. I listened for a bit then I went to the toilet and on the way back I bumped my head on the doorframe. Cutting a long story short, there was blood, a journey to find the first aider, form filling…and then when I got back, I managed to catch the last few songs of Krogr. I have to say they didn’t blow my mind. Their music is generic hard rock. The guys were energetic and wanted to wind up the crowd. It kinda happened when some people started to mosh during the last song, but I’ve never seen The Dome this empty.

The second band was Eyes Set To Kill from Arizona and they started their set with the cover of ‘Zombie’ by The Cranberries. The female fronted band nailed the cover but I have to be honest and say I am not a fan of post-hardcore. The crowd – which had gotten larger but was still small compared to other crowds I’d seen in the venue – appreciated them more than the previous effort.

I think the guitarist’s growls go together well with Alexia’s clean vocals which is a good pairing especially with their energies. This gives a bit of a metalcore feeling to the whole effort. As I said their music is not my cup of tea but I see potential in Eyes Set To Kill.


The main act was back in London after two years; this time to support their latest album ‘Lilith’. I have to be super straight forward here: Butcher Babies are ‘shop-window-metal’. Their music is mediocre and it’s lacking in originality. However what this band is capable of on stage is amazing. They can put on a proper show for sure and they have tonnes of energy. Some men in the scene should learn from Carla and Heidi as they gave 100%. Heidi nearly lost her voice but even this was unable to stop her. The crowd loved them although I am not sure that this love was really for the music and not for the girls…

I am quite sure they played their older songs and not just the new material as the audience went nuts from time to time and they seemed quite pleased. With a suprise they even made me sing along as they played the cover of ZZ Top’s ‘Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers’.

So Butcher Babies are more than capable of delivering a good show but I’m not going to get their albums. I understand they are kind of a sensation in a male-dominated scene, but I think there are better bands out there with female members. You don’t even have to go far: there’re a few in London.