Savage Hands – Barely Alive

Rating: 3.5/5
Released: 2 March 2018
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Savage Hands – Barely Alive
Band Lineup:

Mike Garrow
Justin Hein
Ryan Evans
Nathan O’Brien
Jonny Melton


1 Red 3:33
2 Barely Alive 3:53
3 Unconditional 3:41
4 Know It All 3:37
5 Taken 3:42
6 Dream Dead 3:45
7 Your Own Hell 3:38


It’s been a while since I’ve given a band like this a try and a really good listen to and I’m really not disappointed at all. The band itself is young but the members certainly don’t lack experience as they have all come from previous bands and have experience in writing and touring nationwide in the US. Suffice to say that experience definitely shows as it would seem that the band already knows who they are, what their audience will be and they definitely know their sound. The album itself is filled with a lot of passion that pushes the band forward and I believe this to be one of their most appealing factors. That and it’s a fun listen for sure.

Ok, so first off I love a band that can bring post-hardcore and wind it down to something you can just smoothly sing before they kick back in again. Also, who doesn’t love a bloody great breakdown? Each song brings something slightly different to the table musically, although there is always the post-hardcore underlying. They are good at overlaying another genre on top to give it that extra push to make it different.

Lyrically this album is really appealing. You can tell that a lot of raw emotion went into each of the songs; filled with heartbreak, anger and angst it seems pretty ideal for the teenage audience but it has enough to appeal further than that. Now my favourite thing with a band like this is the melodies and harmonies. Whilst a good guitar riff is what we all look for it is the singer that absolutely nails this for me, it just completely ties each song together neatly with a little bow – before he screams and pulls you back to reality. Everyone loves a good solo and this band definitely brings in a few of those – so don’t fret you definitely get your classic rock and metal fill.

There’s a good little mix in here and ‘Red’ is a complete headbanger and an excellent way to start the album showcasing what the band has to offer.

‘Barely Alive’ will bring out the true post-hardcore metalhead in you with a pretty amazing breakdown – excellent for the pits.
‘Unconditional’ is your ‘fuck you’ love song on the album, which still keeps your head bobbing along, and again the breakdown and the solo will totally grasp you on this one. ‘Know it all’ – your pissed off album for sure. ‘Taken’ will probably pull at your heartstrings as much as it did for me and is a nice change of pace in the album. ‘Dream Dead’ is the ‘well looks like you fucked up whilst I’ve moved on’ song. It’s pretty gritty.

Lastly ‘Your Own Hell’ finishes the album on a high note with a similar tone to ‘Red’.

The band itself is reminiscent of early ’30 Seconds To Mars’ crossed over with ‘A Day To Remember’ and to be quite frank, I’m all for that.
It’s an happy in between of both and blurs the two opposing genres in a way I had not experienced before. All in all, this is a really good album and I would definitely recommend it!

Review by Courtney Solloway