Cruentator – Ain’t War Hell

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: XTREEM MUSIC
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Released: 2018
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Band Line-up:

Ambro – Vocals
Omar – Guitars
Massi FD – Guitars
Vanni – Bass
Riccardo – Drums


1. Merciless Extermination
2. Tyrants Of The Wasteland
3. Barbaric Violence
4. Evil Is Prowling Around
5. The Nightstalker
6. Marching Into A Minefield
7. The Shining Hate
8. Cluster Terror


Holy farking shite Batman this is going to be a very quick review. Now why would it be a quick review you ask yourself, does the band suck? Are they not worthy of a more lengthy well thought out analytical type of thing where we dissect every ounce of their music and come to a well structured and fair opinion about them?

Well the answer is NO, and it’s an emphatical no. And it’s a no for exactly the wrong reason than you will think. THIS SHIT IS AWESOME! Okay let’s get it straight, Cruentator sound pretty much to me like early Kreator. Yes throw some Sodom in there and any other shit you care too, but for me Kreator. This should be a bad thing hey..

Here is that NO again. I haven’t been this excited since I first heard ‘Terrible Certainty’ by the aforementioned mob. This is purely straight for your fucking jugular thrash metal, and it has better production to boot ha-ha. I in no means intend to offend the band by saying that because what a talented bunch of fucks they are to be able to play music this toe tappingly, head bangingly brilliant.

So many other new thrash bands tinker with the sound, some get it right, some fail dismally. The vocals may not be right, the production may sound off, what the fuck ever. These lads HAVE FUCKING NAILED the precision, the aggression, and the delivery, and for that I salute them. Excuse me whilst I pop into my room and don my high top sneakers and my patch vest, for there is some thrashing to be done.

You don’t need a track by track, just start at the beginning and let this cracker upset your plans for dinner or whatever the fuck you were doing. Check that score above, it’s a 4/5, which means excellence. Maybe at some stage they can inject more of themselves into the whole thing, but for me this is just fan fucking tastic.

Pardon the swearing, not. Ha-ha. Brilliant stuff.

Review by The Great Mackintosh