Monotheist – Scourge

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Prosthetic Records
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Band Line-up:

Shiv – Vocals
Prophet – Guitar
Cooper Bates – Drums/Vocals
John Tyler – Guitar/Vocals
Jose Figueroa – Bass


1. The Grey King
2. The Great Chain at the Neck of the Earth
3. Mark of the Beast I: The Image (Prelude)
4. Mark of the Beast II: Scion of Darkness
5. Infinite Wisdom
6. Desolate, It Mourns Before Me
7. Abominable Acts
8. Scourge


Monotheism, the belief in the existence of only one God, only one supreme being that created and rules over us all. Admittedly this band have a lot of their songs based around this one God and their own faith, and a younger me would have run screaming from this as surely as the Heathen of old would have run at the mere sight of a cross. However, the older me has learned to not just judge a book by it’s proverbial cover.

In fact, if you were in any way inclined to give this one a miss because you heard the term “Christian Metal” bandied about when Monotheist are mentioned you would surely be missing out on what is not only one damned fine album (ha-ha), but is already sitting high on this writer’s lists of top ten of the year contenders. Yes the year has only really just begun, and it has been a magnificent one as far as stellar releases go. This is one of them.

What we have on display here people is one killer of an album from our Florida based friends, displaying an astounding amount of technical proficiency and down right death based madness. Interspersed here and there are some kick arse prog bits that really space it all out so well over the course of some of the longer songs, a few of which kick in beyond the eight minute mark. You won’t get bored though, nor will they baffle you with bullshit. The balance is just superb.

Shiv on vocals can sound like one of two things depending upon your own belief system. He is either the world’s angriest venom barking demon, or quite simply the wrath of God personified such is the immenseness of his tone and delivery. Much the same can be said about both guitarists, who combine devilish riffs with beautiful acoustic sections and harmonies from beyond the heavens. The bass work is clear and a definitive underlying note that is always working away underneath to complement the above, occasionally rising to the fore just so we are aware of it if we dared forget. The Drums run the whole Gamut of everything we expect from a metal drummer, this man has all styles at his mercy.

Highlights? Well you can’t get much better than the opener ‘The Grey King’ and it’s bludgeoning tech filled brutality. Step onto the next level with the magnificent ‘The Great Chain at the Neck of the World’ for a mix of crushing riffs and some of those more acoustic moments, some insanely heavy shit. Move along a little to both ‘Mark of the Beast’ songs for a little more brilliance. Follow with the rest. Absolutely pointless to try and pick a single song or two that surmise this album, needless to say they are all divine, as you will see. Okay try ‘Desolate’ It Mourns Before Me’ if you want a classic example of what these guy’s are capable of, it has it all in SPADES!! 

I am not a believer in anything much apart from good music. I don’t care who makes it, it just needs to move me and this one has moved my very soul, it caters for all. You like death metal don’t ya? How about that mixed with a range of styles delivered with absolute precision and expert delivery. I’m in another world listening to this one, be it Heaven, Hell or any other place you choose to mention. Again music wins the day, and thereby we all win.

Utter brilliance.

Review by The Great Mackintosh