Krepuskul – Hybrid

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label URL: Morning Star Heathens Music Group
Released: 2018
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Krepuskul - Hybrid
Krepuskul – Hybrid
Band line-up:

Andu Anches – Bass, Vocals
Alex Tarocco – Drums
Marcel Rusu – Guitar, Vocals
Mario Ioanici – Guitar

Track Listing:
  1. OCD (Let’s Start A War)
  2. Hybrid High Breed
  3. As Long As You See The Sky
  4. The Disciples
  5. The Limits Of Hate
  6. Under The Black Flag
  7. Psychotherapy
  8. They Will Fall
  9. Awake 17

Hailing from the fabled Transylvania heartland, Krepuskul were brought into this world in 2007 pedalling the most metal of agendas to ‘wake you the fuck up!’, certainly today I need it! ‘Hybrid’ is the band’s third full-length incarnation, following up on 2010’s ‘Game Over’ and 2007’s ‘Umbre de vise’. Krepuskul pitches themselves as a band for fans of Sepultura, Machine Head, Lamb Of God and In Flames, I think that’s warranted and I’ll raise you a few Biohazard style gang vocal too.

‘OCD (Let’s Start A War)’ is a short opener with a synth interlude ramping into a no-holds-barred hardcore style punch in the face with “Let’s start a waaaaaaaaarrrrrr” expertly screamed out in a style akin to Randy Blythe (Lamb of God). Straight away you can hear a strong well-balanced mix, the drums are very accomplished with a snappy tight sound, the guitars are well driven, layered with a suitably crunchy controlled tone. The bass comes through pretty well also, which is something I criticise albums a lot on, just call me a bass-justice-warrior. This opening track gives you a good impression of what you’ll be getting here.


I don’t tend to like talking through a lot of tracks in reviews, but I’ll talk through ‘Hybrid High Breed’ as I see the first track as a more of a preface to the album. The track starts with a chest-thumping riff that sets you on a hard and heavy hitting metal-core’esque journey with an occasional vocal style that reminds me of Jukka Pelkonen (Omnium Gatherum). There’s a well-placed interlude mid-way through, bringing in some appreciated variation, featuring a nice bass run and some non-embarrassing clean vocals, which are on point and well harmonised. The guitars deliver a solid set of polished riffs throughout with highly approved spine-tingling artificial harmonics.

My stand-out track probably has to be ‘As Long As You See The Sky’ with some excellent guitar licks and memorable hooks, a great guitar featurette! The gang-vocal chants get you on board and I found myself genuinely caught up in the feeling. My only real criticism of this album is that it really flaunts itself as a love-letter to Lamb of God at times, but to its credit, it does a solid job and the comparison can also be justified as a compliment rather than a serious detractor.

Bottom-line; ‘Hybrid’ is a real heavy-weight in the melodic/metalcore arena (it’s a little narrow to label it exclusively in that genre, but it’s close enough). It’s expertly mixed and produced and from start to finish, it takes you on a satisfying mid-paced stomp-fest showcasing a very accomplished band and an album worthy of your coins.

Review By Joel Wheeler