Absent – Towards the Void

Rating: 5/5
Distributor/label [URL]: www.worldwarnowrecords.com
Released: 2018
Buy Album [URL]: www.blackmarketmetallabel.bigcartel.com/product/absent-towards-the-void
Band Website: www.acendingvoid.bandcamp.com

Band line-up:

Luan Lima – Guitars
Maurício Caio – Drums
Thiago Satyr – Vocals and Bass

Track listing:

1. Ophidian Womb
2. Semen Prayer
3. Funeral Sun
4. Urine



From the moody prog intro of Ophidian Womb, I was hooked. If I could give it more than 5, I would as this album is beautiful, haunting, hypnotic and heavy as fuck! Theres a substantial buzz about this album from the Brazilian three piece and their label, World War Now Records are touting it to be one of the best Doom albums of the year. Bold words indeed but as the crushing riffs die away at about the 5 minute mark to come crashing back like a wave, my ears prick up…oh that’s good, that’s very very good. Ya know what? Album of the year? Why not!

The vocals are disassociated from the riffs like the band are playing on one mountain and the vocalist on another. Semen Prayer, track 2, descends into some crazy fast stoner beat and blends seamlessly into more prog and I have to say that I’m not usually into proggy tinkering but Towards the Void gives you a great mix of Stoner/Psyche with some Sludgey growls tossed in there in places for good measure. The album only has 4 songs but with each one running to the 11 minute mark its by no means a short album. My only gripe would be that 3 out of the 4 songs seem to follow the same structure, slow intro, crushing sludge then dies off into proggyness at about the 5 minute mark to hit you in the face again. The album finishes off with some heavy sludge with those nasty vocals in use again. It’s a nice way to finish of a totally awesome sonic experience, check it out.

Review by Nathan Slack