Arya – Endesires

Rating: 2.5

Released: May 2018

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Arya - Endesires
Arya – Endesires
Band line-up:

Clara Julia Pagliero – lead vocals
Simone Succi – guitar, vocals
Luca Pasini – guitar, vocals
Namig Musayev – bass, baritone guitar, additional vocals
Alessandro Crociati – drums


And Don’t Blame Us
Late Bloomer
Pain Angel
Apple Body
In Marble
Quit Dreaming Now
Everlasting (END)


Honestly, I’m not too sure what to write about this band. The album is a bit of a mix of all the things each member of the band wants in it. On occasion it works but for quite a lot of the album it doesn’t.

To start with, the overall album flops on one major thing – I can’t hear the singer for about 90% of the album. For a band that is on their third album I would have liked to think that they could mix the album correctly. It does seem a little brutal and I know what kind of vibe it is that they are going for, but for this I’m afraid it doesn’t work. It would appear to me that they are trying to be as brutal musically as Arch Enemy but the singer sounds more like Tarja Turunen from her time in Nightwish. In theory this sounds like a great idea with a lot of power going into it. However, this seems to have been lost in translation somewhere.

The singer alone has a beautiful voice, especially during track 3 where a lot of the music has been stripped away. There’s an echo effect on her voice however that seems to morph each word together, not allowing you to appreciate each word and note that she hits, which is a shame because lyrically it isn’t half bad but it does come across more like poetry. If that’s your thing then great, that works just fine. Unfortunately, when coupled with the heavy drumming, low bass and erratic guitar playing it totally overpowers her voice and it loses itself.

On its own, each musical piece is good and works as a piece for a song. This does not mean that throwing them together has worked as it causes the music to be more like noise. Think free improvisation and bebop jazz in metal form.

The more stripped away songs in this album are far superior to the ones that try to be heavier. To me it would seem like Arya are trying to revolutionise a new genre but they still don’t fully know the kind of sound that they want or that they need. They have said that they used this album to express their inner demons ranging from uncertainty to self-destructive impulses – and it shows! The eclectic nature of each song came from the range of influences that the band has and whilst two or three genres might work together, I can honestly say that 8 in one go does not.

Now it isn’t like anyone in this band is a terrible player of their instrument nor that the singer is bad, I just believe that they either need to turn down the instruments and be a little less brutal or the band needs to part ways from each other and work on the projects separately. I believe that it would make each member more successful to do so.

Other than that, something I do very much admire about this band is that they are trying to bring back the extraordinarily long songs of the 70’s, where they are 5 minutes plus. It takes a lot of preparation and time to record songs that lengthy and I think it’s something a lot more bands should start doing again.

This album has a lot of hits and misses but I totally get what it is the band are trying to do. I think it just needs to be more refined and polished for it to work for them. A little more push in the right direction, and refining what they already do could really make the band and start something new on the scene.

Review by

Courtney Solloway