Toryse – Erased

Rating: 2.5/5
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Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

Steff – Vocals
Chris – Guitars
Dali – Guitars
Till – Bass
Thorsten – Drums


1: Vanishing Realm
2: Heartless
3: Our Chance
4: Erased
5: Dawn Of Change


German metalcore band Toryse formed in 2014 and have gone through many line-up changes. These caused huge problems for the ensemble, including postponed live shows and studio plans. Much anger consequently resulted for all members. However, none of them gave in and instead they drew a fair amount of attention to themselves. (In a good way). Their audiences are always thrilled by the group’s energetic shows. Their story continues into this year with yet another line-up, a new style of vocals and a new EP, titled ‘Erased’.

As energetic as everything is here, this is very typical metalcore for the most part. Screams switching to singing over hectic drum beats. To be fair, the shouting is kind of more black metal and death metal styled than usual for their genre, but that small difference is hardly something to write home about. More interestingly, hints of neoclassical ideas aren’t uncommon, but even so, the recycled features of the music drown the positive qualities out.

Some of the songs whilst being relatively straightforward vocal-wise, do have somewhat anthemic choruses. They’re not great, but they are more memorable than a lot of the verses on the release. More of those more catchy ideas would have been appreciated throughout the music, as the more critical and tune-appreciating metalheads among us may want to skip some of the pieces, in places. It would also be nice if the guitars were less note-heavy as they can get a bit much. Don’t expect anything new there for you in the 6 string parts or indeed from any of the instruments, if you are familiar with even one or two ‘core bands.

Toryse’s music may have some artistic merit in that their anger shows in their material, but this is metal. Pretty much all metal is angry. It seems that nothing really new is going on, here, which is a shame because the interesting piano intro of the album gives the listener expectations that are not fulfilled. This music will come across as perfectly reasonable to some, but perhaps not to those with a little metal knowledge and experience.

Review by Simon Wiedemann