Cannabis Corpse + Sodomized Cadaver + Cryptic Shift @ The Black Heart, London

Date: April 3, 2018
Review by Gabor Csete

I love it when a great band plays in a small venue, but this time it was a sad thing. It’s because originally this gig was meant to be in The Underworld, but because it didn’t sell enough tickets it was downgraded to The Black Heart. On top of that, Deathrite from Germany didn’t play in the end, but I don’t know the reason behind that.

Anyway, I still happily went to The Black Heart ’cause I was sure that what Cannabis Corpse was gonna do was going to be more than amazing.

It was a bit hard to get a pint of stout at the bar, because the staff there needed to talk to some underaged people (or their parents) as the venue couldn’t let in anyone under 18 (whilst The Underworld could and the kids had already bought tickets). Some of them even wanted to call the police…

The first band was Cryptic Shift from Leeds. They played solid technical death/thrash metal, it was a perfect opener for the night. They were heavy and fast, and used classic riffs which were influenced by the evil bay area riffs of the 80s. The only problem with them was the sound. The drums were too loud. And yes, it is amazing to hear a death/thrash drummer play,  but especially when they killing the kick drum, it was too much. If you attend death metal gigs I am sure that sooner or later you’ll have the chance to catch ’em and if you do, do!

The second support was Sodomized Cadaver from Wales, whom I’d never heard before, but as soon as they started to play I realised that the vocalist of the band is Ollie Jones from Extreme Noise Terror. The sound actually changed a lot so the Welsh gore/death guys sound was amazing. The slow and fast parts in their music are well balanced and depending on the speed you either want to bang your head or mosh. Ollie is not just a good musician but a great showman as well. Hopefully they will be back in London soon (although they said that the best thing about the big smoke is when you leave it), so I can see them again.

Then came the time for the main act of the night: Cannabis Corpse. I am not going to introduce the band. If you don’t know them you don’t deserve to know… plus I’ve already introduced them in my gig preview. I thought loads of people love death metal and loads of people smoke weed but after the gig I am now not sure how big the intersection is in this Venn diagram… Anyway, the gig was fantastic. The sound was as good as Sodomized Cadaver’s, and they were super energetic (all the bands were, by the way). They had silly questions about ‘who wants to hear more songs about smoking weed’ because the reactions were quite obvious: EVERYONE! The guys came with a massive amount of merch, which I was happy about on that day, but not on the next one when I realised how much I spent… This happens when you can’t say no to band t-shirts, and when the gig is so good that you need to buy a record.

It’s a shame that this show was replaced by the lack of ticket sales, but big-up to the bands who played a great gig anyway. It was fun!