Christina Vantzou – No.4

Rating: 2/5
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Released: 2018
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Christina Vantouz


1. Glissando for Bodies and Machines in Space
2. Percussion in Nonspace
3. At Dawn
4. Doorway
5. Some Limited and Waning Memory
6. No.4 String Quartet
7. Staircases
8. Sound House
9. Lava
10. Garden of Forking Paths
11. Remote Polyphony ft. Steve Hauschildt


It’s been three years since the Belgian-based neo classical artist Christina Vantouz released album No.3 and now, with funding from The Flemish Community grant, Vantouz has finally produced No.4, 11 songs that delve further into ambient classicalism and drone.

Personally this kind of thing really isn’t on my play list usually, so pretty much all of this album went straight over my head. If you like stripped back, and I mean VERY stripped back ambient drone where at certain points there’s just tinkering and almost silence, then give this a go. It’s a brave concept I’ll give her that and I’m sure there are people out there that would put on this album and enjoy it and really dig the minimal noises, but sadly I’m not that person.

If you’re the kinda quick fix kinda person into something hard and fast, like me, then this album really isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you have the time to chill out with some low lighting, some incense and write some poetry quietly in a corner then be sure to pick up this album because it certainly is pretty.

Review by Nathan Slack