Black Cyclone – Death is King

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Gates Of Hell Records
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Released: 2018
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Band Line-up: 

Linus Johansson – Vocals
Ante Neimi – Guitar
Peter Nilsson – Guitar
Per Andreasson – Bass
Viktor Heineson – Drums



1. Death Is Crowned As King
2. Hordes
3. Black Cyclone
4. Falling Star
5. Beast Battalion
6. IAH
7. Under Your Hoof
8. Death By Crushing
9. This Is It


I’ve got to be totally honest from the get go here people, I love this album. Why is that you may well ask? Well you may all think that it is a glamorous job getting to write about the music you love sometimes, but alas this is not always so. Sometimes after wading through piles of Black Metal, Death Metal, Progressive Metal, Technical Spacial Doom Sludge and other genres, you get a bit worn out. Yes after counting all the money we make and kicking all the groupies out, we too need to just kick back and ENJOY a little. Ha-ha.

My roots lie in Thrash, and it is a genre I have never completely given up on. Death Metal is now my main stomping ground, but I always keep a keen ear out for any Thrash bands that can recreate the same feeling that I used to have as a younger more hirsute man. Boy straight from the opening riff did those worn out old ears prick up. Black Cyclone bring back so much goodness that this album has been on repeat for about a week! Does that make me a sad individual? I care not.

Yep, you name a band from the early days of the movement (Thrash that is, not bowel) and you will instantly not only find a reference on Death Is King, but you will have a huge smile on your face. Lead singer Linus has his vocal style set up around the Joey Belladonna range, has maybe even a large chunk of Bobby Blitz thrown in for good measure, and that is a fine thing as far as I am concerned. Ante and Peter on guitar bring the crunch and the melody, whilst Per and Viktor hold this thrashing beast firm on the ground on bass and drums respectively. Absolute champions of the genre them all.

Pick a number between one and nine, and you will have my favorite track, seriously EVERY song on this is a fair dinkum thrash machine. For older fans of the scene a right and proper blast from the past done so very well. For the new guys, this is exactly how Thrash Metal should sound. Why try and reinvent the fucking wheel when it worked perfectly anyway! So good, so very very good!

Anyway, back to my pile of money and chicks, god this is a hard life…

 Review by The Great Mackintosh