Peosphoros – Pink Metal

Rating: 1/5

Distributor/label URL: SGW Records

Released: 2018

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Band line-up: 

Ragda Kara – Bass, Vocals
Leyla Braun – Drums, Vocals
Reimu – Vocals


1 – Britney Therapy
2 – Prostitutes Must Die In Genocide
3 – Terrorism
4 – Multiculturalism Is Genocide
5 – Pink Metal
6 – Rape And Kill Animals Attack Women


Peosphoros describes themselves as “a strictly politically correct Trans LGBTQMN Pink Metal band and multimedia art collective who are against black metal.” They explain the album as it “explores problems of Black Metal culture, modern genocide of minorities, sexual liberation, power structures, and sex worker artists.” All the funds created from the album go to Syrian refugees and freedom of Palestine.

This has got to be a joke, or just something horrible to piss off people…maybe both. Noise, screamed vocals, bad playing, spoken word…just a mish-mash of trash that makes it difficult to listen to. Under thirty minutes long, but lasts for an eternity when you hit play.

Instead of buying this album, just give your money to a charity to help the Syrian refugees, it will do them good, and your ears too.

Review by:

Rick Ecker