Witch Tripper – I, Of The Storm

Rating: 4/5

Distributor/label [URL]: Unsigned

Released: April 2018

Buy Album [URL]: https://witchtripperuk.bandcamp.com/album/i-of-the-storm

Band Website: https://witchtripperuk.bandcamp.com


Richie Barlow-Guitars/Vocals

Jimmy Collins-Drums

Christof D-Bass



1. White Lines
2. State Of Mind
3. I, Of The Storm
4. Poonstar
5. Roll The Dice
6. Hell Bound
7. High In The Sun
8. Cut Me Loose
9. The Road, It Hurts.



The 3 piece Rock band (stoner/groove rock and roll) from Nottingham UK have just released a little gem “I, Of The Storm”. Their second album is everything you need to headbang and get ready to party. The strong and heavy riff songs are so catchy it is impossible to pause or fast forward. There are no weak songs in this album.

I came across Witch Tripper at a charity gig in Nottingham earlier this year, they played most songs of this release, and I had to write a cd review so you lot could check them out!

Witch Tripper have managed to record a strong album. A special mention goes to the tracks “State Of Mind”, “Poonstar” and “Hell Bound”.

Get it, listen to it, party with it! Witch Tripper is here to stay so get on it now!


Review by

Sabrina Selkis