Lillye – Evolve

Rating: 2/5
Distributor/label [URL] Eclipse Records
Released: 2018
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Band line-up:
Virginia Lillye – Vocals
Christian Lauria – Bass
Matt Ellis – Guitar
Bennet Livingston – Drums

1. Run
2. In the End
3. Chained
4. Brittle Glass
5. Better Days
6. Fire
7. It is What it Was
8. Take On Me
9. Grass is Greener
10. Surrender
11. Through My Soul


Evolve. Many say music is constantly evolving. And that could be said for Hard Rock, Gam Metal, Punk or even the role of women in Rock music.

Evolution is an ongoing thing. But if Australian act Lillye thought they were going to release something they saw as radical to the evolution of such genres – how very wrong they were.

Said album starts off with a somewhat Punky vibe and then vocalist Virginina Lillye kicks in which reminded me a tad of The Great Kat, and made me think this is what she’d sound like if she made Thrash Metal. But the thrashing did not last for long and I was bored very quickly by the voice and the arrangement of the songs.

The second track however: ‘In The End’, is oddly a masterpiece. Saying to me this band has potential, it rings out of 90s Alternative Rock and the hard edge syncs well, so here is the gold amongst the dirt. I had some optimism with this track but again the songs following descended into schlock.

The biggest problem is the arrangement of the tunes, one minute the songs are like big driving anthems reminiscent of AC/DC, then next minute Virginia is doing some solo yells that got on my wick far too often and eventually there’s slow breakdown moments that made the songs chug like a dying car battery and I felt the need to turn the songs off. This wasn’t an easy task of reviewing.

I was very pleased the song ‘Take On Me’ wasn’t a cover of the A-Ha classic as I don’t think this band would have made such a good interpretation if so. I might sound harsh on this band, whom I do think could make a decent tune as they did on track no. 2, but when you want to turn off the songs on more than one occasion – it isn’t a good record for your liking.

If I were to sum up this album in one word it’s: boring.

And if you think I haven’t picked up what was meant to be said and you think you can do better than me in explaining this band – go do your own review. Sorry Lillye, this really wasn’t my kind of Hard Rock hallelujah.

Review by Demitri Levantis