Awooga – Conduit

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Rockosmos
Released: 2018
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Tam – lead singer, bass guitar
Taz – drums
James – guitar, backing vocals


1. Temporal
2. Tabula Rasa
3. Waterhole
4. Blue Rose
5. Bandit
6. Witness
7. Otherside


I honestly still can’t make my mind up as to whether calling a band ‘Awooga’ is brilliant or deranged. Maybe both. This is the first full-length album by the Sheffield trio, after their debut EP ‘Alpha’.

In what has to be a first, their little spiel claims influences from Frank Zappa, Alice in Chains, Tool and strangely Miles Davis. The first three I really do hear in their work. I’m not certain I hear the Davis, but then they did mention him last. In what has to be one of the ponciest bits of press release they describe themselves thus:

“In the exchange between the brain and the mind is the liminal place. This is where we reside. Brutality and Tranquillity. – All pass through the Conduit. The process of writing this album was extremely visceral, and direct flow of energy channelled out of the world and into a studio in the Galician mountains.”

This is a difficult band to categorise. It’s dirgy, mildly melancholic and with a more than a hint of stoner rock. It also deserves multiple listens, as every time I found something else. This is seriously intelligent song writing. Every track is great, but ‘Temporal’ is a fantastic opener, with haunting vocals and indulgent, distorted bass. Melodic and inspiring, I recommend everyone give them a go, regardless of your usual musical preferences.