Ruined Nation – Restart

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label: Wooaaargh Records
Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

Markus – guitars / vocals
Snoe – drums
MJK – drums


01. Bareness
02. Suffer
03. Trapped
04. Trust
05. C.O.Y.O.
06. Heinz Christian
07. Under Control
08. Same Ol’ Story
09. Pathetic
10. Restart
11. Created by Humans
12. Painted Black
13. Borderline


After six years of silence, Austria’s grind/hardcore masters Ruined Nation are back sadly with their swansong. As they noted, ‘Restart’ marks the self destruction of the band. It would be okay if the last album was a boring, crappy one, but instead this effort is amazing and full of energy.

Ruined Nation mixes their influences and different genres in such a great way, and it makes the songs enjoyable for various kind of fans. Basically it’s a mix of hard, grind and metalcore with additional touches of d-beat. On top of that the guys even take a pinch of death metal as well. And for this whole melting pot, the great production puts the crown on. Maybe it sounds a bit too much for some, but believe me: it’s great! Fans of Wolfbrigade and Converge will dig it. Proper moshing material.

This kind of violent and angry music with this level of professionalism is much needed in the scene: I have no clue why the guys are calling an end for it.

I have to agree with the band that this release serves as a perfect burial for them, but they could go on a tour with ‘Restart’: I would love to hear these songs live. By the way, the fact the trio will no longer play together doesn’t mean that they’ll waste their talents: The members are in various other outlets – Implore, Six Score, UGF and Bechophon are available to please the fans of heavy grooves.

Review by Gabor Csete