Adversvm – Aion Sitra Ahra

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Iron Bonehead Productions
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Released: 2018
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S.B. – Vocals, Guitars, Bass


1. Anti-Stellar Gnosis To The Acausa
2. Ps. XIII maledictvm
3. Disequilibrium Evokes The Fifth C
4. Aion Sitra Ahra
5. est in fatis
6. Current 218


Funeral Doom direct from Germany, sounds like a particularly happy combination does it not? But I Jest, doesn’t matter where it is from, Funeral Doom has never set out to cheer you up or make you feel any lighter about your very existence now has it kiddies. One must also not confuse these guys with the other band Adversum, also from Germany who play a more Blackened type of Satanic Metal, although when looking around it can be quite confusing, trust me.

Anyway, this is their, and I use the word ‘their’ very loosely, because although this is essentially the vision of our main man S.B., a few session musicians joined him to flesh out the whole thing, debut album. Recorded back in late 2016, this may well be the first time it has been released on the CD and Vinyl formats. That’s about all the info I could garner, as the rest is hidden as well as a tree hides in a forest.

Musically, well this is most certainly Doom, and could well be played at a Funeral if one so wished. Slow and dirge-like, possibly a bit on the Lo Fi side of things (although that may well just be the review copy I got sent), and not at all for the impatient. If it’s a headbanging, beer swilling, mosh session you seek then you are to be sadly disappointed. More the type of music for deep introspection, soul searching and the drinking of a fine Port or the smoking of substances of which we shall not speak.

There are no real standouts, the whole event is pretty solid all the way, mind you the diatribe on track 5 ‘est in fatis’ is an interesting aside before the onslaught continues. This is some damn heavy shit, and at times the riffs are crushing, but it’s more like being crushed slowly by an old trash compactor than suddenly being killed by a ton of bricks falling from great height onto your noggin.

Not bad at all, if you are in the mood for some thought, or just want to feel miserable because your existence makes you too happy. Not bad at all.

Review by The Great Mackintosh