Flickertail – Hurry Up And Wait

Rating: 3.0/5
Distributor/Label URLGolden Robot Records
Released: 2018
Buy Album: http://smarturl.it/Get-Flickertail-HUAW
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/flickertailtheband/

Band Lineup:

Liam Whelan – Lead Vocals/Lead and Rhythm Guitar,
Jonny Goldrick – Lead and Rhythm Guitar,
Matt O’Callaghan – Bass
Marcus Fraser – Drums/Vocals

  1. Let There Be Love
  2. Talk
  3. Fade Away
  4. Green Eyed Girl
  5. Back Of My Mind

A guitar fueled rock band from the land of Oz…surely not? Well, of course and Flickertail have been honing their skills over the last few years playing across Australia’s east coast whilst supporting local and foreign acts leaving no venue unplayed. After previously releasing a couple of singles, ‘Hurry Up And Wait’ stands as the band’s first real concerted effort and this five track EP serves as a great launching pad for the Aussie quartet.

The music drifts from one style to the next and this occurs throughout each song with each section lending itself to a specific influence before flowing to the next. From the opening track ‘Let There Be Love’ we get this very AC/DC introductory riff which then shifts into a blend of hard blues rock meets Indie and it’s a very fluid progression.

Each track has it’s own stylistic flavour and there are these moments where it is hard not to differentiate a section to one of these moments. From the chunky lower end Thin Lizzy styled riff used as a break in ‘Talk’ to the very much The Darkness styled opening to ‘Green Eyed Girl’ we get these moments of recognition which transform into a very well blended unit of music.

It is the fluidity of it all that lets the band get away with it, that and the very strong choruses that each song possesses. There’s an appealing charm in the delivery of the music with vocalist and guitarist Liam Whelan providing range and power in his efforts. Drummer Marcus Fraser keeps things tight with bassist Matt O’Callaghan whilst we get some solid tone in the guitar work from lead guitarist Jonny Goldrick. The whole band work well as a unit and this shines through in the music.

Flickertail are proving to be a chameleon of rock who can traverse wide spectrums and separate styles with ease without falling into a place of complacency. Their shifts from one form to another are sleek and natural with a very polished edge which keeps the doors of potential left wide open. They’ve got some years of touring under their belt and now have their first EP out so the sky really is the limit for this band.

We will see what they come up with but there is potential and stayability as displayed on ‘Hurry Up And Wait’, maybe we’ll have to hurry up and wait a little longer to see.

Review By: Pete Mutant