Grand Design – Viva La Paradise

Rating: 3.5
Distributor/label: GMR Music
Released: April 2018
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Grand Design - Viva La Paradise

Band line-up:

Vocals – Pelle Saether
Guitar/Backing Vocals – Dennis Vestman
Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals – Janne Stark
Bass/Backing Vocals – Stefan Westerlund
Drums/Backing Vocals – Joakim Jonsson


1 Face It
2 Rawk ‘N Roll Hysteria
3 Viva La Paradise
4. Don’t Ice Me Out
5. Aim 4 The Heart
6. I Would Be The Wind
7. Love Shouldn’t Hurt
8. It’s Only Straight From The Heart
9. Too Late To Fall In Love
10. U Can’t Fool Love


This album is very big on its 80s influences. Most prominently Scorpion, Deep Purple, Def Leppard and RUSH. More subtly White Riot, WASP, Ratt, Foreigner, KISS and Y&T. Grand Design knows very well what works for them and don’t stray too much from their comfort zone. That’s not necessarily a bad thing because what they have is a good thing. Melodic riffs and harmonising vocals work well for them and although frequently used it doesn’t grow tiresome at all. In fact, you end up looking forward to it.

For those that love the 80s, this album is going to be a perfect go-to for you. If you are a fan but not entirely sure I would give this a go anyway. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised as there are modern twists to an already good genre.
One thing you cannot deny in this album is Saethers’ excellent vocals. He hits his high notes without straining himself which in an ordinary world is hard to do, which is why he hits it out of the park for me. Every member of the band takes part in the chorus/chanting of the songs and as I previously mentioned they harmonise these very well. It’s not an easy feat to harmonise or even get multiple members to reach the same tone and pitch but they do this remarkably well.

I feel the most notable track is ‘Aim 4 the Heart’ the guitar intro is absolutely beautiful and the track is at a constant peak for me personally. It is a perfect blend of both 80s rock/metal and 80s electronic pop.
Every single song has a great solo that you should definitely listen to if anything. That’s reason enough in my books as a decent solo lacks in some bands nowadays.
Another song to note ‘Love Shouldn’t Hurt’ definitely gave me Iron Maiden vibes with its intro which definitely hooked me for the song.

Overall, I liked this album but I don’t feel that this will be one of those that is for absolutely everyone as it does have its own niche in its musical stylings.

Review By Courtney Solloway