Perfect Line – Seeds

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Independent
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Released: 2018
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Band Line-up:

Thomas d’Arbigny – Vocals, Bass
Paul Pavillon – Guitars, Vocals
Gaetan Allard – Drums


1. Everything
3. Be My Guest
4. Red Coach
5. Free
6. Bad Boy
7 . Afraid
8. Get Out
9. Tired
10. Space Race
11. Slow Down
12. At Last


French band Perfect Line sounded exactly like the sort of crap I didn’t even want to bother with, seeing as the word Rock was plastered all over the promo. Grunge was also mentioned, also lots of other stuff that I am not the least bit interested in, yes I may have dabbled back in my early years but now I am firmly rooted in all things more extreme. Why me, fuck this, this is going to be painful..

I put it on, I rolled my eyes several times and stared at the many skulls I collect (all fake I assure you), and then either I slipped into some sort of alternate reality, or these guys started to sound pretty good. Opener ‘Everything’ got the ball rolling, after hearing the word Love and flinching somewhat, and a little part that sounded very much like A Perfect Circle, the groove kicked in and I said to myself, oh well another five seconds can’t hurt. Okay it sounded a bit like a Foreigner song in parts, and the lyrics did not involve anyone getting beheaded or having their guts ripped out. No demons appeared, Satan’s name wasn’t invoked once, I actually think it was a sort of love song (I may blocked out some of the words in my head), but geez, these guys CAN PLAY!

Roll on track two, ‘Wywd’ and that drum intro, almost military in it’s delivery, and then an almost Audioslave vibe hit me. I don’t mind them, I’ll keep going. Then some funky bass ala Rage Against The Machine. I’m confused, I have no idea what is going on, but I’m hooked. Track 4 ‘ Be My Guest’ starts with a heavyish sort of riff, and then becomes sort of Foo Fighterish, at moments soaring but at all times keeping the Rock theme first and foremost, even getting a little Alice in Chains creeping in before just ending low down and heavy.

Far out, so good. Track 5 ‘Red Coach’ begins like early Creed, and packs somewhat of a Foo Fighters punch as well. Need I go on? These fine Parisians have absolutely mastered the ability to pay homage to what has come before, and yet mash it all up, twist it, and then make it their own. Yep, similarities abound but who fucking cares when it is done so bloody well.

I’m not going to dissect this anymore, if you like the sound of what I have been saying, and you like a bit of Rock and or whatever the fuck gets thrown into the mix, then I highly recommend Perfect Line. I’m amazed at their ability to just sound so good whilst mashing everything together into such a catchy group of tunes that even got an old Death Metal fan intrigued enough to keep on listening, and I do not say that lightly.

Satan forgive me, but you must hear this band.

Review by The Great Mackintosh