Domedag – Nu Nalkas Domedagen

Rating: 3/5
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Released: 2018
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Nicklas Rudolfsson


1. Nu nalkas ragnarok
2. Var tid ar forbi
3. I Flammor
4. Efter elden
5. Introduktion
6. Baring at fanders
7. En bitter forsmak
8. Eitr
9. Domedagen
10. Verkligheten
11. Frost rost dod
12. Avslut


The band Domedag and its apocalyptic Nordic mythology themed album ‘Nu Nalkas Domedagen’ are the new creations of Swedish multi-instrumentalist, Nicklas Rudolfsson. He is well known for his work with Heavydeath, Runemagick, Necrocurse and The Funeral Orchestra, as well as for his drumming in Sacramentum and Swordmaster. The music is for fans of Wardruna, Darkthrone, Isengard and Cathedral.

One of the most notable things about this music, is the unusually heavy reliance of unison ideas. Vocals very often copy the riffs and sometimes the guitar melodies do as well, though an octave or two higher. Whilst the simplicity makes the music easy to get into and even lots of fun perhaps, it also makes the material somewhat one dimensional and it can get old fast. That is even though the evil, classical tinged and single-lined ostinatos are pretty good. (Think some Gorgoroth). However, more independent and complex guitar parts that utilise classic black metal arpeggios are frequently used, in part rectifying the flaws.

The vocals switch between everyday (to put it very mildly) screeches to more interesting clean, though creepy and powerful singing. The performer has a kind of black metal charisma, but his delivery is far from over-the-top. The drumming is again, more than typical and a lot of the pieces on the whole have tendencies to sound somewhat similar to each other. Occasional instrumental tracks in-between the songs provide that needed extra variety as well as a certain curiosity, but what is really needed are concepts that aren’t so safe. The vocal-less ‘Eitr’ whilst surely intended to be fast and exciting is very dull and sounds unfinished. Arguably, it shouldn’t have been on the album.

In conclusion, this music is very standard BM, often on the more minimalistic side of the genre. It kind of sounds like early Burzum, but the without the more typical metal hooks. (E.g. ‘War’). Also, expect more frequent tremolo picking and doomy harmony with Domedag. The acoustic guitar interlude ‘Verkligheten’ is a very good piece of music and it would have been nice if more of that stuff was combined with the heavier band work. On the whole, this is average black metal, though it does have its charms. Give it a listen!

Review by Simon Wiedemann