Birdflesh + CxBxFxIxHxFxLxFxRxE + Gour + Coproach @ The Black Heart, London

Date: 10th of May
Review by Nathan Slack

The night of the 10th of May in Camden’s Black Heart was set to be a night of madness, of nakedness, cross dressing, wrinkly masks, hoods and gore. This night was my first ever Grind show outside the realms of a festival, where i had experienced the maelstrom of a Nails performance and the diversity of Agoraphobic Nosebleed set.

Theres quite a few of us in the crowd early on as I head up stairs. Leeds grinders, Coproach are already on stage and are first up on tonights bill along with London’s Gour, the unpronounceable ,CxBxFxIxHxFxLxFxRxE, from Bristol and Birdflesh from Sweden.

Coproach seemed like a band with lots of energy, brimming with enthusiasm for Grind and a youthful exuberance that pours out on the stage as their singer belts out their quick fire tracks, before stripping down, butt naked, with a mohawk, lots of facial piercings and genuinely interesting facial tattoo’s. Really, I couldn’t fault their version of Grind and their antics drew smirks from those around me as his willy bounced around the half empty room. Can’t say I was expecting that.

Next up after a very brief interlude is Gour who come on stage to announce that ”we are going to play you some songs… your not going to like them… and we are not going to fucking care” before belting out their first track. His voice packs a big punch and I’m liking them more and more as the singer introduces each track and reads from a bit of A4 paper explaining to the crowd what each song is called and what its about… most seemingly about shitting and anal. Each to their own!

Theres plenty of banter between the band members and the singer continues with his nihilistic approach to live music. They didn’t bring anything to sell… they have been Gour and only have themselves to offer… which we can’t hope to afford apparently!!

Next up is Carlos A Anderson’s, CxBxFxIxHxFxLxFxRxE. It’s just Carlos on guitar and vocals and the drummer who both seem like real nice blokes… that’s before the hangmen hoods go on, the shirts come off and the blood stained aprons go on and the once ‘nice blokes’ are transformed.

What follows next would test even hardened metal fans as we in the crowd are subjected to 20 minutes of non stop, unpronounceable, unintelligible utter brutality. The drummers head twitches disturbingly towards the microphone as they both bark out something truly disturbing. It’s like the band try to be the most obscure, inaccessible band without lyrics and set out to disturb metal fans who may have seen everything else all before. And they succeed… and I loved it!

Finally 3 normal looking blokes come on stage and do a sound check and pop back having donned their masks and dresses. No way would I have pegged them for being in one of the best Death-Grind bands out there today but I guess that’s the masks for you!

They go through newer tracks and older stuff off Mondo miracle and sound so immense that the first mosh of the night kicks off. Carlos has organised this 3 date tour for the Swedes who’s only other London show was Chimpyfest held in Tottenham’s T Chances every September, a few years ago. I loved hearing their stuff live, my only gripe would be that with the songs so short and with them stopping and introducing each 1 minute or whatever track makes the performance a little disjointed and more of a stop start affair. Thrashing out track after track would have helped build up momentum and whip up the crowd even more.

I could tell them this or they could read this and they probably wouldn’t care, because that’s grind for you… metal where zero fucks are given. I had a great night and well done to all for putting on an eye opening show!