Californian cemetery-dwellers Wurm Flesh sign to Comatose Music! Brutal death-obsessed debut to follow!

Today we can announce another formidable addition to the Comatose Music roster, with Californian death machine Wurm Flesh signing on the dotted line. Wurm Flesh began life as a one-man band back in 2014, guitarist/vocalist Rob Calhoun breathing life into the fetid corpse after the demise of Siphon Soul. However, since then, Wurm Flesh has hatched new members like parasites on a carcass and they’re now a four piece unit, ready to spread their unique brand of putrefaction around the world. This Fall Comatose Music will release their debut album, Excoriation Evisceration and carnage will ensue.

Describing what made Wurm Flesh the perfect band for Comatose, label boss Steve Green gave us this statement…

“Chaotic tempo changes, stomach-churning gutturals, blistering down picked guitar riffs, frenzied blast beats coalesced with extended range, low-end bass carnage. This brutal death metal quartet rises from the rancid soils to consume all that is weak. For we all die and become fodder for the belly crawlers. Where kings and beggars are finally one and equal with the maggots!”
Get those shovels ready, because this is the kind of death metal you dig out of graves!

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Wurm Flesh