Feed Them To The Forest – Can’t Forget

Rating: 3.5/5

Distributor/Label: Independent

Released: 2018

Buy Album: Here

Band Website: Here

Band lineup:

Mike Harmer – Bass Guitar

Greg Parsons – Drums

Elliot Partridge – Vocals

Lee Raisbeck – Guitar

Martin Wainwright – Guitar / Vocals

  1. Lie With The dogs
  2. Golden Age Thinking
  3. Apology Is Policy
  4. Speculative Grief
  5. We Used To Make Mixtapes
Feed Them To The Forest have been fairly prolific over the last three years and are releasing some demos and now their first EP release in ‘Can’t Forget’, which brings five more tracks of their own brand of pop-punk to the table. We have already had a taste of their latest efforts as the band released the opening track, ‘Lie With The Dogs’ as a single back in March. Now we have the full whack available, so what is there to make of it?


In all honesty, I am not into pop-punk whatsoever, but I can still see the musical merits. The guitar work flows well in between the more note laden melodies to the fast strumming of singular chords, and this band likes to keep things mixed up throughout the EP. The opening track ‘Lie With The Dogs’ builds well and has some nice progressive passages. Things turn a little heavier during moments of ‘Golden Age Thinking’ and ‘Speculative Grief’, but the majority of this work keeps to more emotive melodies with some quick interchanges.
The mix is solid with some nice tones coming through the guitars. All the levels sound bang on, so nothing is lost in the mix at all. This all points to some stellar work by the combo of Dave Boothroyd at Reel Recording Studio (Deaf Havana / Blink 182) and Alan Douches at West West Side Music (The Wonder Years, Alkaline Trio, Every Time I Die). I also like the variety in picking that is used throughout, with some nice alternate techniques used to bring some variety to the music.


All in all, ‘Can’t Forget’ is about 90% better than most of the emo/pop-punk bands I’ve heard, but it is not a variety of music that I eagerly seek out. Definitely has its merits, so if you are into that sort of stuff then I would recommend it, yet I may not be best placed to do so. It certainly hasn’t had enough pull to sway me, but it would take something really special to do that. At least Feed Them To The Forest have a sound, one which may appeal to a fair few.
Review By:

Pete Mutant