Medieval Demon – Medieval Necromancy

Rating: 4/5
Label/Distributor: Hells Headbanger Records
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Released: 2018
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Band Line Up

Lord Appolyon – Drums/Keyboards
Sirkous – Vocals
Jim Necrochrist – Guitars/Bass
Damien Omen – Drums

Album Track Listing
  1. Chthonic Curses
  2. Spells of the Akkadian Priests
  3. Invisible Black Magic Ritual
  4. Les Litanie des Satan
  5. Moldy Wings of Death
  6. Ancient Evil in the Woods
  7. Blackmoon Sacrifice
  8. Into the Caves of Blood
  9. Medieval Necromancy
  10. The Great He-Goat




All hail the burgeoning Greek Metal scene! Medieval Demon are a strange case. They have been around since in one form or another since 1993, but they have only released two albums to date. Indeed, “Medieval Necromancy” is their second full-length album, but their first for 20 years. Inspired by Satanism, the occult and the majesty of nature, Medieval Demon are ready to lead you down the left hand path.

The opus kicks off with “Chthonic Curses”, its haunting intro bleeding into a distinctly melodic BM cadence. It retains its eerie feel throughout before unleashing a pulsating fury. A very potent beginning indeed. Next up is “Spells of Akkadian Priests”, possessed of a doomy aura, augmented by orchestral keyboards and medieval musical motifs. Thoroughly captivating. Rooted firmly in the 1980s, “Invisible Black Magic Ritual” is pleasingly old school from start to finish, and sets the stage for the piano interlude “Les Litanies”, a dark and alluring tune interspersed with some sultry and slightly unhinged French female vocals.

The threatening opening of “Moldy Wings of Death” soon unleashes maniacal anger; the aggression remains tightly wound, and the varied tempos keep things interesting. The muscular rhythms and catchy riffs carry “Ancient Evil in the Woods”, and the spectral intro of “Blackmoon Sacrifice” serves as a prelude to another delight of dynamic riffs. The band’s fine form continues with the vicious and venomous “Into the Caves of Blood”, and the laser-like focus of the title track, showcasing a band at the top of their game. Proceedings are closed with ecclesiastic organs of “The Great He-Goat”, which features the return of that deranged female voice.

The old school ethos of the album is a pleasure to behold. Every track contains awesome riffing and unsettling atmosphere. One of the most impressive elements of the album is the variety of tempos; doomy dirges amid the full throttle fury. Add to this the spellbinding keyboards which add a wondrous layer to the band’s sound. A triumph.

Review by

Owen Thompson