The Insane Slave – The Insane Slave

Rating: 2.5/5

Distributor/Label: Raising Legends

Released: 2018

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Band lineup:

Freddie – drums and voice
André – Bass
Alex – Guitar
César – Guitar and voice

  1. The Insane Slave
  2. Memories of a Future
  3. Secret Files
  4. Winds of Anarchy
  5. The Bandit Song
  6. Gipsy Moonlight
  7. Sands Of Time
  8. Soul Tattoos
  9. Desert Ride
  10. The Exodus of a Born Man

The Insane Slave hail from Porto city, Portugal and have been out the game for a few years now. Their last effort was ‘The Nightrider EP’ which was released back in 2011, so their career hasn’t been too loaded with material -maybe they were going for the Tool effect or something- but now they are well and truly back with their self-titled release.

From the opening title track, we get this Dusk Till Dawn piece of sleaze rock which opens and provides more NWOBHM influences towards the end. A lot of this album is constructed similarly, with some dark melodic rock which gets touched by the heavier styles that are available to the band. ‘Secret Files’ really stands out in this regard as it turns to be quite anthemic, albeit also being the shortest track on the album at just under five minutes. It shares a similar style as the final track, ‘The Exodus Of A Born Man’, which serves as a strong closer.

I really like the tone of the guitars on this album when they implement the cleaner aspects on tracks like ‘Sands Of Time’, which stands as the longest of the album. The bass also comes through nicely and there are some tidy lines that build a lot of the groove throughout. One thing I’m not overly hot about is vocalist César’s delivery as he doesn’t have much of a singing voice; at least in English anyways. It’s a strange one as he has this deep voice that can be well controlled but he fails in his delivery at times and he ends up sounding like a Portuguese Jim Morrison with a bit of cork lodged in his throat. Still, it works most of the time.

Overall, this was not a bad album with some very positive moments. Was it worth the wait? Possibly, they seem to have put a lot of thought into this album and its construction, and the music has some depth in it and some variety so it doesn’t overly stagnate, but it also doesn’t thrill too much either. Still, it has its moments and it is worthy of a listen or two.

Review By:

Pete Mutant

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