H E X – s/t

Rating: 3/5
Label/Distributor: Hummus Records
Label/Distributor URL: https://hummusrecords.bandcamp.com/
Released: 2018
Buy Album: https://hummusrecords.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-7
Band Website: http://www.h-e-x.ch/

Band Line-up:

Vincent Hänggi – drums, electronics
Alex Muller Ramirez – guitars, vocals
Nico Todeschini – guitars
Vincent Devaud – synths
Laure Betris – guitar, vocals


1. Metaheaven
2. Collider
3. Process
4. Highrise


‘H E X’ were formed in 2011 in Geneva and have only now released their debut album. (NB there are at least two other bands called Hex out there, which is mildly confusing, but it’s a cool name nonetheless). It’s a relatively short album, consisting of only four tracks. In their bio, they rather boldly refer to themselves as a ‘supergroup’, which shows a certain level of self-confidence.

Musically it’s along the lines of some earlier Skinny Puppy. It’s cold, dark and broody. ‘Metaheaven’ is a slow, building opening track, with some really interesting synth work later on. Collider follows, with more of an ambient style. ‘Highrise’ is probably my favourite on the album, with slightly more complex rhythms than the others.

All in all, there isn’t really a lot of variety on the album, and whilst it’s enjoyable it doesn’t do anything that hasn’t been done a number of times before. There’s not a great deal of complexity or texture, which I think it needs. It’s more of a background kinda album. Having said that, for fans of industrial electronica it’s a good offering and definitely worthy of a listen.

Review by Bob Davidson