The Sloths – Dwarves Meet The Sloths

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: Eternal Sound Records
Released: 2018
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Band lineup:

Tommy McLoughlin: Lead Singer & Harmonica
Mike Rummans: Bass, Guitar, Cello & BG Vocals
Patrick Pooch Dipuccio: Guitar & BG Vocals
Marc Weddington: Guitar & Bass
Ray Herron: Drums & BG Vocals


1. Never Enough Girls
2. End of My Rope
3. Everybodys Tryin 2 B Somebody
4. A Cutie Named Judy
5. One Way Out
6. Lust
7. Gotta Get Fired
8. Haunted
9. Before I Die
10. Wanna New Life
11. Makin Love (50 Years Later)
12. I Survived 27 (Bonustrack)


The Sloths, now there’s a name that will take most who have heard of it back an awful long time in their memories. A lifetime ago. Here’s an instance of the length of time that needs to be considered: some of them jammed together for the first time in 45 years not too long ago. They have been considered as an early garage band but also as one of the first rock bands of the Sunset Strip. They are back after a supremely lengthy hiatus with some new material in ‘Back From The Grave’, or in the case for European release ‘The Sloths Meet The Dwarves’.

Sadly, a couple of the original members have passed on since the band split but there have been replacements since they were reformed in 2011. For this album they have teamed up with legendary band The Dwarves for one of the bonus tracks in “I Survived 27′ which is one of the best tracks on the album. Great for chanting along to; a lot like several tracks such as ‘One Way Out’ and ‘Gotta Get Fired’. The music styles are an amalgamation of all the old swing and classic blues rock/rock and roll with a few punk influences thrown in here and there.

The sound is very old school but still comes off as a funny tribute as most of the lyrical content was not really apparent, nor acceptable, in the similar music of yesteryear. ‘A Cutie Named Judy’ is pretty hilarious as is the previously mentioned ‘One Way Out’. The way it’s recorded and produced also gives it that vintage sound which really gives the album that contemporary feel. The band have clearly had a bit of fun in creating the music and it really is infectious as it is a fun album to listen to.

Fun is the word but there’s quality in there as well. It’s as if they look back to their early days with a fair amount of tongue in cheek but also with some sentiment in there as well. We live in a different world now and most of the band have lived through the changes, so it’s interesting to see and hear how The Sloths have orchestrated their comeback. And a grand comeback it is as the veterans really bring the past to life. That is with plenty of sleaze and humour about to give a little uplift and shock to those folks in life that take everything a little too seriously.

Review By Pete Mutant