ZaRRaZa – Necroshiva

Rating: 5/5
Label/Distributor: Self-released
Released: 2018
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Band Line-up:

Nick Khalabuzar – guitars & vocal
Alex Filatoff – bass
Ruslan Konon – drums

Additional bass recording on “Necroshiva” – Evgen Hablack


1. Abyss Above Me
2. Shadows
3. Necroshiva
4. More Than Hate
5. Echo Of The Future
6. Dead Star
7. Voice Of The Forgotten
8. 150 words


I won’t say that I like some music purely because it is obscure, but if I’m completely honest, it does always help to find something a little esoteric with which I can demonstrate just how high-brow my tastes really are.  Enter then, the debut album from Kazakhstani thrash/death/groove metallers ‘ZaRRaZa’.  You don’t already listen to Kazakshtani progressive metal? I just find anything else a little too mainstream…

Now this is all very well, but is it actually any good?  Fuck yeah!  This is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a very long time.  ‘Abyss Above Me’ is a belter of an opener with frantic drumming and riffs giving way to a truly beautiful, almost lilting solo.  Every track after this is great in and of itself, with the title track offering scintillating, complex rhythms carrying through in-your-face aggression. ‘150 words’ concludes what is a relatively short album, but one that is still going to leave you both taken aback and thirsty for more.

One of the criticisms sometimes levied against thrash metal is that it can be a bit samey.  ‘ZaRRaZa’ bucks this trend with aplomb. Yes, all the tracks are fast and frantic, but there are wonderful interludes and tempo changes with incredibly delicate playing. For a debut, this is truly exceptional and I would rank this as amongst the albums everyone should have in their collection.

Review by Bob Davidson