Deny – Parasite Paradise

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label Cramada
Released: 2018
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Band line-up:
John – Vocals
Tobias – Guitar
Jonsson – Guitar
Arvid – Drums
Martin – Bass
1. Inbred Insanity
2. Make It Great
3. Bring Me Down
4. Victims
5. Resisting Hard
6. Denied
7. What I Deserve
8. You Feed My Hate


Hardcore and Crust Punk are two genres which I hoped to see alive and well following recent political changes across the western world. But it felt as if so little was being done until I was sent this new tome of anger and violence from a veteran band of Sweden’s D-Beat and Hardcore scene.

Deny return with their first new release in 18 years. What were they doing all that time? Well it looks as though they were spending that time away learning how to master their playing skills and write some incredibly catchy songs about corruption and abuse of power.

This new EP is catchy and will hook you from start to finish. If you are a very angry young person and might not have the widest of attention spans then this piece of punk rock is for you. Vocalist John reminds you of classic acts like Anti-Cimex and Wolfbrigade and by the end of the album you’ll think you’ve discovered the bastard children of Discharge who’ve finally found their feet on the punk stage.

This album is something to really listen hard to – for it is something of a zeitgeist of how anyone under the age of 30 might see the parasitic activities of politicians and businessmen eating into society and robbing them of their freedoms and ambitions.

Parasite Paradise is something you need to own in an age of National Populism and administrations that promote hate and segregation.

Review by Demitri Levantis