Louder Than Death – Louder Than Death

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label In The Red https://intheredrecords.com/
Released: 2018
Buy Album https://khannibalism.bandcamp.com/album/louder-than-death
Band Website: https://khannibalism.bandcamp.com/album/louder-than-death

Band line-up:
King Khan – All Instruments/Vocals
Sean Spits – All Instruments/Vocals


1. ABCs In Old Berlin
2. Gesichter Der Jesus Liebe
3. Play Safe
4. Broken Heart
5. New Stains
6. Half a Dick
7. Ethereal Venereal Girl
8. Danse (Don’t Jump)


Punk is good for many things. Namely, being an open forum for the common human to express themselves with limited musicianship. And another is a place to show talent and make people feel they can do more than what was ever expected of them.

And being able to show the world you can play a range of music with minimal grasping of instrumentation and a good taste of bands is what the fairly new band Louder Than Death.

A duo composed of two veterans of the Garage Punk scene, we have the album starting off sounding like some recently discovered Dead Boys demo. Imagine the CBGB’s scene in the late 70s but if said club existed in Soho – that’s the opening for you.

Then things start to get a little more experimental with electronics and the use of humorous vocals. I wouldn’t call Garage Punk and overtly political genre but I think LTD were being a bit creative with their writing. Later on in the album you have some songs parodying traditional numbers about first dates and sex, something that has been in the Punk repertoire since the get-go. So we have some boys who know what they’re doing.

It ends well with another up tempo tune that would put Johnny Thunders to shame so a good outing from a band I can see staying around for a long time.

Review by Demitri Levantis