Poly-Math – House of Wisdom/We Are the Devil

Rating: 2/5
Distributor/label Superstar Destroyer Records http://superstardestroyer.co.uk/
Released: 2018
Buy Album https://wearepolymath.bandcamp.com/
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/polymathbrighton/

Band line-up:
Tim Walters
Chris Woollison
Joe Branton

1. Preface To The House Of Wisdom | Preface To We Are The Devil
2. 1258 | In The Sights Of Mesopotamia
3. Ink Of Scholars | Blood Of Tigris
4. Geography | Alamut/Sidh
5. Mathematics | 12 days
6. Astronomy | The Uncelestial
7. Alchemy | Terra Incognita
8. Philosophy | Death & The Devil
9. Medicine | No Hell Like Home
10. Ink of Scholars Reprise | In The Hands of Hulagu
11. Science | We Are The Devil


Progressive Rock is a bit of an open minded world. It’s a world that should not really have a set of rules or regulations to stick to, so your band can sound unique. That’s why I think bands like Brighton’s Poly-Math can take the instrumental side of the genre and make it as interesting as they did on their debut double album.

This is an album which confused me on a few occasions. It contains a few sound bites of people being interviewed about the city of Baghdad and the opening had some middle eastern vibes that reminded me, sadly, of the Beatles – a band I hold in deep contempt.

Anyway, on this record I could see these guys showcasing their many talents for music with changes in tempo and a use of classic rock and electronic instruments that didn’t sound like new age schlock like Rick Wakemen. (Even though this band cite Yes as a big influences).

Overall, if there was meant to be an overarching theme to this album, it sadly didn’t come my way. I did get a bit bored now and again and if asked, I wouldn’t play this again. But if you like music that is avant-garde in its own right and doesn’t rely on lyrics then give this album a whirl.

Review by Demitri Levantis