Neorhythm – Zetetic

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label URL: Self-released
Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

Red One – Sound
Red Two – Messages, voice


1. Molten mind
2. Second chance
3. Golden mean
4. Cosmic genes
5. Dark matter
6. Philia lost
7. Matrix sleep
8. Nanogods
9. Pictures of future
10. Quintessence


Ever wondered what Meshuggah would sound like if their rhythms weren’t so complicated? It’s not exactly the wildest thought one could have, but if you do want to hear a watered down Mesh, Neorhythm are the answer to your prayers. Especially if you like to mosh freely, without concentrating so hard on finding where the beat is. (Many people do, which is perhaps one of the biggest reasons others would be attracted to the group). However, you should be warned that not only do they simplify everything, they also don’t do much innovating. Guitar tones and riffs, as fun as they are, alternate between super heavy and distorted to clean and eerie, just as the supergroup does. The lead guitar playing is similarly spacey, but isn’t as technically advanced and is often a little more on the traditional metal side, rather than the jazz-fusiony.

The vocalist pretty much never stops screaming his head off, but he doesn’t really get the adrenaline pumping as much as he could. This is because he seems to lack the passion of Slipknot’s Corey Taylor, for example. A lot of flaws, it seems? Quite a lot, and unfortunately the album is rather samey in style, almost from start to finish. (The more thoughtful and intriguing parts of ‘Golden Mean’ and its classic rock styled guitar solo, are exceptions). Having said all that, if one were to completely ignore the problems with unoriginality, one would likely come to the conclusion the music is actually pretty decent. The songwriting is very good for what it is and it doesn’t really matter the singer never sings any real melodies, as the band grooves together so well. And of course, it’s fashionable to just shout, for better or worse.

In conclusion, if we were living in an alternative universe where Meshuggah didn’t exist, but Neorhythm did, I would give this album a solid 4.5 out of 5. However, as we both know, Meshuggah DO exist so I have to bring up unoriginality, again. It’s a biggie. The musicianship whilst not quite amazing, is solid from all instrumentalists, so maybe I should stop moaning? Well, I do have one further criticism: Neorhythm have produced a concept album based on alien communications with Earth, but no one could really understand a word the singer says 99% of the time. Therefore, if you are looking for a metal band that is more thoughtful as Neo surely see themselves, you may be disappointed to learn that their vocals are arguably nowhere near as prominent as the instruments – they just add to the aggression, at least in my opinion. Ok, now I’ll stop moaning. In a complete change of tone, give it a listen!

Review by Simon Wiedemann