Her Despair – Mournography

Rating: 4.0/5
Distributor/label: Self-released
Released: July 2018
Buy Album: https://herdespair.bandcamp.com/
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/herdespair/

Band line-up:
Her Despair - Mournography
Her Despair – Mournography

J – vocals
Dan – guitar
Vikki – bass
Jord – guitar
Lee – drums


1 Blaspheme With Me        4:59
2 Valentine’s Mourning     3:15
3 Within Tragedy                5:30
4 Damnation Tonight        4:04
5 In the Arms of a Sadist   7:11


This band is very interesting. They are reminiscent of what HIM did in the 90s, bringing gothic rock back into the mainstream. Her Despair has done very well in finding their sound and knowing who they are as a band.

When initially listening to them I could hear a lot of elements from different bands they may have taken inspiration from, HIM being a large one, as well as The Sisters of Mercy. I wasn’t too surprised to read that they were an inspiration for them as vocally: the singer is much like Andrew Eldrich of The Sisters of Mercy mixed with Ville Valo of HIM. If you are also fans of Manowar, Joy Division, Tool, Opeth and Ghost BC, this is a band for you to follow.

Each of the songs on the EP tells its own stories. Musically and vocally I cannot find a fault with this band. Each song is different from the other, even if it is just subtle changes such as tempo. This band knows very well what works for them and have formulated themselves well as such. They capture the sense of melancholy in each sombre storytelling and this really brings their performance to life, especially in what I see as a description of love, life, death and tragedy. Something rather interesting about each of these songs is the relation I may make to one song – say love for example – someone may find another – say tragedy. This, to me, is some genius writing all its own.

Track 4, “Damnation Tonight”, was very reminiscent of HIM and their songs “The Sacrament”, “Right Here In My Arms” and “Poison Girl”. If you were to take an element of each of those songs and have those have a baby, “Damnation Tonight” is what you would get. And I am not in anyway mad at that. It works really well.

I enjoyed this album without a fault and they have found a gap in the market that others have either forgotten about or left behind.


Review by

Courtney Solloway