Human Cull – Revenant

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: WOOAAARGH
Released: 2018
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Sam Trenchard – Drums & Vocals
Edd Robinson – Vocals & Guitar
Luke Archer – Bass


1. Harnessing Atrocity
2. Blood
3. The Butcher’s Nails
4. Worship Nothing
5. Everyday Paranoia
6. Unmake The Graves
7. Baleful Foundation
8. The Muzzle
9. An Offering To The Machine
10. Like An Emissary Into The Abyss
11. The Worms Of God
12. The Hecatomb Enterprise
13. Prying Eyes
14. Never Smile
15. Think In Only Lies
16. Flesh
17. The Death That Isn’t Death
18. Endless Purgatory


It’s been said before but such a well-worn sentiment is always worth repeating: some days, all you want is someone to just scream in your face. Tough day at work? Scream in your face. Public transport dicking you over again? Scream in your face. Tuesday? Scream bloody murder in yer face.

Happily, HUMAN CULL are more than obliging with their new slice of rainbows and happiness, “Revenant”. No sooner have you loaded up the album and hit that play button, “Harnessing Atrocity” bursts forth in blood-curdling fashion – a scream in yer face. Subsequently, that’s the album in its most basic description: a visceral, rabid and cutting example of grind. Chocked full of blast beats, barbed-wire riffs and unrelenting vocal fury, it will no doubt serve as an able stress reliever for any of the above scenarios.

Purveyors of grind will be well versed in the mechanics of the genre, but newcomers should note that this will require repeated listens. Firstly, because it’s good enough to warrant it; secondly, because it’s so short. With an average track length hovering around the minute mark, raging cuts like “An Offering To The Machine” will come and go within the blink of an eye. On the one hand, it allows for easy digestion and a welcome purge of emotion that only grind can seem to pull off. There’s no airs or graces about it: simply rage and leave. No pretense. No prisoners.

Yet, on the other hand, the blistering brutality of “Revenant” can become lost in itself at times. A number of songs will rattle past without so much as a pause for breath or discernible change – how did we get from “Blood” to “Baleful Foundation” without noticing too much? Naturally, it’s something HUMAN CULL have aimed to offset by offering up a variety of riffage to keep things interesting. From the gnawing buzz of the aforementioned “An Offering To The Machine”, to the DILLINGER-esque “The Worms Of God” – there’s enough variety to pique the interest and return the listener from a bludgeoned stupor, even if not successful all the time.

Nevertheless, HUMAN CULL’s efforts to pull a Thanos through music should reap some rewards. “Revenant” is the short blast of anger that a therapist would struggle to draw from a patient, with the riff variety and tasteful use of groove making for an enjoyable listen. The length of the album necessitates repeat listens, as well as the easy way each track slips down, but that should hardly dissuade any grind fans. It’s a tremendous performance from HUMAN CULL, and well worth the twenty minutes to get aggy with “Revenant”.