Spurv – Myra

Rating: 5/5
Distributor/label [URL]: www.fysiskformat.no
Released: 2018
Buy Album [URL]: www.2lin.cc/spurv_myra
Band Website: www.facebook.com/Spurvinnen

Band line-up:

Hans-Jakob Jeremiassen: Bass
Herman Otterlei: Guitar
Gustav Jørgen Pedersen: Guitar
Karl Kristian Støtvig: Guitar
Simon Ljung: Drums
Synøve Knudsen: Violin
Cathy Donnelly: Cello


1.Et Løfte I Fall 0:43
2.Og Ny Skog Bæres Frem 4:00
3.Fra Dypet Under Stenen 8:27
4.Hviler Bekkenes Sang 4:29
5.Et Blekt Lys Lyder 5:29
6.Fra Myrtempelet 3:56
7.Den Gamles Stemme Brister 9:14
8.Allting Får Sin Ende, Også Natten 10:16


I must admit first of all, that I outwardly groaned at being given a post rock album to review as I often feel put off by the style of vocals that appear on said albums, so given that fact I was geared up not to like this and expected to get bored after a few songs. I was totally and utterly mistaken. If you’re a fan of post rock and/or atmospheric black metal you will love this stunning debut album by the Norway’s Spurv. To me, post rock without vocals like on this album hits you where post rock singing possibly couldn’t and transports you atop a cliff, in a thunder storm, over looking a fjord… your tears mixing with the rain…ANYWAY!

Their deep, thought provoking and emotional music uplifts and makes you sad at the same time, where you can’t decide if you’re about to cry or smile. Hell, you can just do both, right?

From start to finish this is an amazingly beautiful album and the band have spent the last 3 years fine tuning it with help from a myriad of talented people. It shows, and this awesome record is a testament to the raw power of music. Go buy it…and bring a box of tissues with you.

Review by

Nathan Slack