WØMB – Taciturn

Rating: 2/5
Distributor/label: Purodium Rekords
Released: 2018
Buy Album: https://purodium.bigcartel.com/product/womb-taciturn-7-ep-2018-pre-order
Band Website: N/A




1. He Is The Preacher Of The Gods
2. In the Abyss Of This Darkness In Which The Spirit Has Died To Itself
3. Nychthemeral
4. Master/Slave
5. Ritual Union Through Sex Magick
6. Hic Est Sanguis Meus
7. Ekénōsen


Black metal.

Right, now you know what you’re in for, WØMB are a band from sunny Portugal that have been around since those carefree days of 2012 and are, impressively, elusive across the internet. Even our friends at the Metal Archives barely have any information on them, bar that they have a few splits to their name and a demo – how mysterious. This year, and like a cat burglar or Zoro-type disappearing off into the night, they’ve left behind their latest offering of an EP in “Taciturn”. What sonic funsies can we behold?

Immediately apparent is the production: a raw, abrasive slab of black metal that aims to make things as uncomfortable a listen this side of clarity. If this nails-on-a-chalkboard tonality is meant to be endearing, then someone needs to have a wee chat with WØMB as this will win very few friends (except the gaunt, corpse-disciples of trve kvlt black metal). You can write the most spectacular songs the genre has ever seen, with plenty of light and shade to make for a wild and varied listen, but if it’s not communicated in a manner that is palatable, you may as well have recorded static.

Delving deeper, past the corrosive production, is ostensibly black metal 1-0-1. From the moment “He Is The Preacher Of The Gods” gurgles into undead life, it’s the same old, same old. Distant shrieked vocals, trebly tremolo guitars, barely-audible bass, blasting drums, dissonance… Sounding familiar? Whilst a little staid, that’s not to say that albums cannot be produced with bewitching effects from the tried-and-trusted formula – it’s why there’s a formula. But the riffs are just so uninspired – it’s as if they’ve been lifted from a “How To Write Black Metal for Dummies” book, rather than coming across as a form of artistic expression. It’s most alarming when you can progress from the opening track to “Master-Slave” and not discern where the tracks changed.

Would any of this be made any different if the production were any better? Well it would have done the EP no harm for a bit of weight behind it. Yes, that trve black metal sound is a beloved aesthetic but sonically, it just doesn’t stack up. It’s too thin and doesn’t make for the sort of powerful listen the genre has the capacity to provide. When the kick drum – possibly the meat-and-potatoes of all music – is inaudible, you cannot expect any punches to so much as land, let alone cause any damage.

WØMB have been around for a fair while, and as their first EP, “Taciturn” isn’t an unholy abomination (though one gets the impression that’s what black metal bands strive for…) The production lets the side down and the songs themselves are typical of the genre, but it’s not like the band’s doing anything worse than the countless other black metal bands out there are doing. But, like most, they are not pushing the boundaries of the genre or making an effort to make the formula knock you off your feet. “Taciturn” is for trve kvltists only, but one hopes that if WØMB are allowed to gestate a little more, something stronger will be birthed.