Goat Disciple – Wolfcult Domination

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label [URL] Blood Harvest
Released: 2018
Buy Album https://goatdisciple.bandcamp.com/releases
Band Website https://www.facebook.com/goatdisciple/

Band Lineup
K Heretic – Bass
T Thanatos – Drums
R Sodomizer – Guitars
Danzer 616 – Guitars
A Mire – Vocals


1. Oreb Zaraq
2. Black Skull Hypnogogue
3. Torture Siddhi
4. Mammon




If you like Death Metal with themes of war, terror, pain and general acts of violence and carnage, then this new outfit from Utah will definitely warm your inner loins.

Goat Disciple have turned up out of the current pastiche of technicalities and bands trying to sound like the ones who started it all many decades ago. And I’d definitely shoehorn these guys into the latter, but for all the right reasons – for their debut EP: Wolfcult Domination had all I was expecting from a war themed band.

It’s easy to describe a lot of extreme metal with war and violent imagery, but when the band use such imagery to the full extent it’s hard to do it any other way. Opening piece ‘Oreb Zaraq’ is a burning flame of old school death metal in a raw and scratchy fuzz. Smoke rises high from this flame promising a lot from the band.

Secondly we have ‘Black Skull Hypnogogue’ that is more a ‘wall of sound’ so quite close to DM’s cousin Grindcore but not as fast or raspy.

Third one: ‘Torture Siddhi’ has old school written all over it and I was thinking a lot of Repulsion and Mortician at this point as these guys have certainly done their research into the bands who made violence into music in the most extreme of ways.

This EP then ends on ‘Mammon’ which has a few breakdowns but nothing Deathcore-esque. These breaks are easy to stomach and carry a very mild melody that had me picturing the aftermath of a battle and the stacking of corpses. If this album was set out to personify a major attack or the events of a great conflict, such a task was achieved.

I can see a lot of good material coming from this band in the future so check out Goat Disciple.

Review by Demitri Levantis