Dead Girls Academy – Alchemy

Rating: 3.5 / 5
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Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

Michael ‘Vampire’ Orlando
Tyler Burgess
Benji Bryan
Matti Hoffman
Eric Miko


1. Medicine 3:30
2. Forever 3:24
3. No Way Out 3:22
4. I Can’t Feel A Thing 3:44
5. Everything 2:58
6. Too Late 3:45
7. I’ll Find A Way 3:18
8. Conversations 3:32
9. Devil On My Shoulder 4:15
10. Cannibal 3:41
11. Far Away 3:57


One day you’re at the top of your health and enjoying your band, next thing, a highway bus accident and your 20-something life is ruined. Michael Orlando almost died. In fact, he DID die briefly. After a lot of healing and rehab, he decided that he needed to get back into music and formed this band.

While that is a fantastic story of recovery and overcoming something terrible, I really can’t get into this album at all. It’s exactly why I don’t listen to what is considered popular on metal stations. It’s just a trendy sounding hodge-podge of goth, metal, alternative and emo. The yelled vocals, the music sounding the same on every track… it’s just too much for me to want to hear more than once. I can say that the production is good, and the band seems to be having a good time.

If you are a teenage girl or a cloth-eared teen boy with raging hormones and who is going to Warped Tour… get this album and play it to death! If you are interested in something that has lasting power, keep looking.

Review by Rick Ecker