Deathwards – Towards Death

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Invictus Productions
Released: 2018
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Hellavenger – vocals
Extravasation – lead guitar
The Usurper – rhythm guitar
The Magus – bass
The Penance – drums


1. In Death I Become
2. The Hierarchist
3. Epitaph From The Underworld
4. Impending Prophecies
5. Overlord (Infernal Majesty)


Deathwards wins second best name of a new band I’ve heard this year (after Graveshadow, which sucks as a band, but great name, and Awooga follows closely in third, as it’s mental). Formed only last year, but from ‘veterans’ of the metal scene with suitably metal synonyms (or parents with a seriously overactive sense of humour), this is the debut demo from the quintet. Describing themselves as – and you totally need to read this in Yoda’s voice – a “timeless, trend-bucking slab of thrashing metal of death”, they then list a cornucopia of influences, dating back over the past 30+ years.

Musically, we’re in such familiar death/thrash territory here, it’s barely worth being overly-descriptive. It’s well delivered, well-played and well produced, without losing any of its ‘authenticity’ (for anyone who’s been bored enough to read any of my reviews before, this is a real bette noir of mine – recording quality follows an almost parabolic trajectory, if it’s too clean and over-processed then it loses all integrity, I think – but these guys get it about right). Four originals and one cover of fairly heavy, rapid and intense metal later, and you’re left wanting more.

This is a solid first release, from a band that, whilst not breaking any boundaries yet, is surely set to be one that does the rounds on the scene for quite some time. Definitely one to check out!

Review by

Bob Davidson