No Fun At All – Grit

Rating: 4/5
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Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

Ingemar Jansson – Vocals
Stefan Bratt  – Bass
Frederik Eriksson – Guitar
Mikael Danielsson ­- Guitar
Kjell Ramstedt ­- Drums


1. Spirit 2:55
2. No Fun Intended 1:56
3. Runner’s High 2:46
4.The Humdrum Way 2:56
5. Forth 2:18
6. Fortunate Smile 2:46
7.Suitable Victim 2:56
8. Sucker (For A Plan) 2:41
9. Simple 2:38
10. A Wonderful Affair 2:19
11. Lonely Stranger 2:51
12. You’re In Control 3:21


Having formed in 1991, No Fun At All quickly became one of the torchbearers of European punk rock and went from great album to great album. After putting out an album in 2009, the band stopped recording and now, after all these years, we finally have a new album. 2016 saw a lineup shuffle, with two long-time members of the band deciding to take a step back. They recruited Stefan Bratt, formerly of Atlas Losing Grip, and Fredrik Eriksson, formerly of Twopointeight, to fill the empty bassist and guitarist positions.

Without any further adew, the punk rock has arrived! They get right back at the job at hand, putting out melodic and cathcy punk rock that has a bite to it. Every song has that energy and excitement that I remember from their previous albums, and now it may have become even better with the rejunvination of the two new members. The album is fast-paced, has a crisp and clear sound, but still carries a sense of danger and anger to make it a killer. With ferocious playing, these guys really have come back with a vengence and are giving out a throat-punch to the punk pretenders out there.

These guys are the real deal in a world of plastic punks and crap on the radio, it’s a delight to get my ears torn off from them again.

Review by Rick Ecker