Primitai – The Calling

Rating: 4.0/5 Great

Label: Dissonance

Released: May 2018

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Band line-up:

Vocals: Guy
Guitar: Srdjan
Guitar: Sergio
Bass: Scott
Drums: Jonny

  1. Possess Me 1:18
  2. Demons Inside 5:30
  3. Overdrive 5:07
  4. Curse of Olympus 5:52
  5. No Survivors 6:37
  6. Memories Lost 5:47
  7. The Calling 6:27
  8. Into the Light 6:08
  9. Into the Dark 5:12
  10. Tempest Returns 5:59

I love a cool album cover. The Calling by Primitai has a cool cover and a great logo. A spaceship bursting through clouds with a sports cars flying towards it in a ball of fire? What’s not to like? It would seem that whoever designed the album cover listened to this album and thought, “Hmmm….this album is cool, what else is cool? Fast cars, spaceships and fire!” – And they were right! This album really does sound like fast cars, spaceships and fire!

OK, so you guys are getting the picture, I really like this album.

Primitai are the new boys on the block of melodic metal in London, combining thrash, a dash of power metal, a gram of NWOBHM and a sprinkle of prog, this makes for a really great recipe for a really delicious album pie. Trust me, just cut into a slice of London metal pie and enjoy it with some jellied eels and a glass of Vodka Red Bull. From the chilling, orchestral, opening instrumental ‘Possess Me’, to the final track ‘Tempest Returns’, I hope that you are well on your way to having a futuristic, flaming car and are speeding full throttle towards the mothership. Now, where did I leave my keys?

Primitai have several bookings in Europe already this summer, which I think speaks on how much potential this band have for becoming a staple on the British Metal scene. I hope to see an upcoming UK tour off the back of the release of The Calling – see you at the merch stand!


Review by:

Alice Chant