The Stayawakes – Dogs and Cats / Living Together

Rating: 3/5
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Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

Andrew Ricks (vocals/guitar)
PJ Foulk (guitar)
Steven Hart (drums)
Jimmy Cooper (bass)
David Pryce (keys)


01 .  Slumbers
02.  Keepsakes
03.    Jake
04.    No Shame
05.    Little Explorer
06.    Highschool Weirdness
07.    Inevitable Truth
08.    Crrsed
09.    Sophie
10.    Overdue


Named as an homage to the 1980’s slasher movie genre, this south coast UK band first got together in 2001 when Andrew Ricks (vocals/guitar) and Peter Foulk (guitar) teamed up with Steven Hart (drums) to form melodic post-punk outfit Day of the Fight. Old friends and long-term collaborators Jimmy Cooper (bass) and David Pryce (keys) joined in 2017 to complete TheStayawakes line-up.

First things first, in their bio they refer to themselves as a punk band and then as a power-pop band. Closer to power-pop than punk by a long shot, so you lost points with that. However, you gained a bit back for an album titled after a quote from Ghostbusters. They also rip off Fountains Of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom” on their song “Jake,” and turn into a shoegaze band on “Highschool Weirdness.” The band plays well, lots of hooks and nice arrangements, the vocals are wispy but they carry it off. However, it just fell kind of flat to me. Nothing really wrong with the album, just sorta “there.” Something you put on, hear it a couple of times, like it fine but then move onto something else.

A fairly innocuous album that just does what needs to be done, sounds good, gets your toes tapping but that’s it, no fireworks…nothing.

Review by Rick Ecker