Lizzy Borden – My Midnight Things

Rating: 2/5
Label: Metal Blade Records
Released: June 2018
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Lizzy Borden

  1. My Midnight Things 4:21
  2. Obsessed with You 4:35
  3. Long May They Haunt Us 4:34
  4. The Scar Across My Heart 4:32
  5. A Stranger to Love 3:32
  6. The Perfect Poison 4:55
  7. Run Away with Me 4:27
  8. Our Love Is God 2:53
  9. My Midnight Things (Reprise) 3:49
  10. We Belong to the Shadows 3:39

So, when I saw that I was reviewing a group called Lizzy Borden I thought to myself, “What’s this, the soundtrack to Christina Ricci’s comeback on Netflix?” I’ll be honest, after some research, I have never heard of Lizzy Borden which turns out to have been around since 1983. However, they have not released a new record since 2007’s “Appointment with Death”.

Upon listening to their new record “My Midnight Things”, I can hear the 80’s inspiration of rock, glam and hair lacquer, all of which I am a fan of. However, I feel like there is something which is a bit gothic, early tween, Kerrang!-esque. (That is no insult to Kerrang! magazine, I refuse to get rid of my collection and I’m the wrong side of my 20’s). I guess also it’s not something I would imagine coming from Metal Blade Records, who have bands such as Cannibal Corpse and Whitechapel. I have read that Lizzy Borden are trying to appeal to a new audience, perhaps that is including introducing the youngsters into the metal genre, all of which I encourage. For me, it is a little too juvenile and it feels very overproduced on the vocals.

I hate to say it but the effect that has been added almost makes it sound like it is swaying on the verge of out of tune. This makes it almost unbearable to listen to at points. So unbearable, I couldn’t even finish listening to the album and had to just skip through it. Perhaps if the band changed audio engineers and had the voice untouched, I would possibly have a very different opinion on this album. Having said that, if I was 13 again, I would probably love this album. Perhaps one to give to your niece or nephew who wants to take their first steps into entering their rebellious phase? Of course, this is all my personal opinion and I hate to upset any ultra, die-hard fans, but it’s really not for me. Sorry.

Review by Alice Chant