Monument – Hellhound

Rating: 4/5
Label: Rock of Angels Records
Released: May 2018
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Band line-up:

Peter Ellis: Vocals
Dan Baune: Guitars
Lewis Stephens: Guitars
Daniel Bate: Bass
Gio Durst: Drums

  1. William Kidd 4:28
  2. The Chalice 4:23
  3. Death Avenue 3:55
  4. Nightrider 4:50
  5. Hellhound 4:23
  6. Wheels Of Steel 4:36
  7. The End 6:17
  8. Attila 4:54
  9. Straight Through The Heart 5:04

Arise all lovers of British Heavy Metal, I bring forth an album that will soon take physical form into a worm that will snuggle down inside your ear and pester your eardrums. It’s fast, galloping, technically magnificent, triumphant and very, very British. I present to you “Hellhound”, which is the new album by Monument.

“Hellhound” has been produced and mixed by Tony Newton, former Iron Maiden producer on “The Book of Souls – Live Chapter”, who was able to capture the energy of Monument that translates so well in this album. This is an album for every Iron Maiden fan and anyone who loves the NWOBHM genre. If Eddie the Head had a baby, Monument would be it. Every track is just so damn good, honestly, it’s just so hard to review.

Soaring vocals, fantastic lyrics, amazing guitar duets, riffs and solos, mind-blowing basslines, all held together by an incredibly talented drummer. It also has a three-headed, fire-breathing dog that’s burning down London on the cover – Can I have a t-shirt, please? I think this one is one of the best albums I have had the pleasure of reviewing so far and really hope that I get to see these guys live one day. 

Review by Alice Chant