Pound – Pound

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label [URL]: silentpendulumrecords.bandcamp.com
Released: 2018
Buy Album [URL]: pound.bandcamp.com
Band Website: www.facebook.com/PoundBand


Band line-up:

Ryan Schutte – baritone 9-string guitar
David Stickney – drums


1) x..x..x..x..x..x..x
2) x.—.x.—.x.—.x.—
3) x.x-.x-x.-x.x
5) -..-..-.x-..-..-..-..-..x..-..-..-..-….
6) -xx.-.xxxx-xx.-.xxxx-xx.-.xx
7) -.x.-x-x-.x-.x-.x-.x-x
8) -x–x–x–x–x.x-x.x-x.x-x.x


This album has it all. It’s grindcore, mathcore, technical death, sludge and for good measure some crust punk fast twanging. It’s a crazy vocal free ride through the sub genres as each unpronounceable song twists and turns disjointedly into the next. Drummer, David Stickney sits between 2 drum kits and kicks out some insane beats as the guitarist, Ryan Schutte switches from playing crust punk to Voivod to Meshuggah’s djenty punishing repetitive beats.

This album defiantly isn’t for everyone and personally I do prefer some kind of vocals in there, be it a dog bark, or puke singing or a pig in a kitchen sink, so this is why I’m marking it down a little. It’s a little too niche for me to be honest but it’s a solid album from the two piece from Seattle. I just wonder how far they can take this concept and continue without the variety of the vocals, in the album’s mix of genres.

Review by Nathan Slack