Rongeur – An Asphyxiating Embrace

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label [URL]: Ampmandens Records
Released: 2018
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Band line-up:

Dag Ole: bass and vocals
Ken-Robert: guitar and vocals
Jon: drums and vocals


1. Weltschmerz 3:13
2. Special Needs 1:50
3. Fiendesliebe 3:38
4. Wellpisser 5:44
5. The Deconstructionist 4:05
6. Mr Hands 3:09
7. The Weight Of Guilt 5:36
8. Chained To A Dead Horse 3:14


This debut album from the Norwegian trio, Rongeur, really plays with styles across its eight tracks but somehow manages to jell together into an album. From fast-paced hardcore punk tracks like special needs to sick dark sludge of the opening track Weltschmerz, the band keep you on your toes as no two songs are the same in style.

Crust punk attitude, post-metal keyboards, sludge vocals, faster stoner doom blending into slower shoegaze. This album doesn’t care, genre divisions are lined up and shot down with each track. Hell, their next album will most likely be a atmospheric black metal, grind, sludge, hardcore, tech death album and why not? Cuz it will most likely kick some serious butt just like this album does.

This album has a few stand out tracks like the opener and the post-rock influenced Wellpisser and the stoner/sludge track The Weight of Guilt, and it’s the latter that goes on my play list. For me personally though, this album is best played in full as each track builds and builds and hits you in the face, expanding your mind to their chaotic genius. Run of the mill sludge this ain’t, go listen! NOW!

Review by

Nathan Slack