Svvamp – 2

Rating: 4/5 Great
Distributor/label [URL]: Riding Easy Records
Released: June 2018
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Band line-up:

Adam Johansson – Vocals, drums
Henrik Björklund – Guitar
Erik Ståhlgren – Bass

  1. Intro 0:42
  2. Queen 5:25
  3. The Wheel 3:56
  4. Sunshine Street 4:11
  5. How Sweet It Would Be 4:20
  6. Hillside 3:10
  7. Surrender 3:01
  8. Out Of Line 4:08
  9. Blues Inside 1:56
  10. Alligator 4:33

It’s mid-June, the brief cold snap has gone and summer has arrived here in the South West of England. This time of year always brings around the time for relaxing in the sun, chilling out and listening to good music. Svvamp has been the perfect soundtrack for this week’s relaxing in the sun. The Swedish trio release their follow up to their debut album this June with the record ‘2’.

Svvamp bring a raw, folk / blues inspired, rock and roll sound, likening to Clapton and Thin Lizzy and it’s a helluva good jam. I can definitely hear some White Stripes in this too, they certainly have the raw, slightly chaotic sound, which ties it together beautifully. The production is perfect for this genre, uncomplicated, pure and stripped back. There is everything from plucking guitars to riffs galore in “Queen”, with distorted vocals in “Alligator”, to country inspired “How Sweet It Would Be”. Track 8, “Out of Line”, is an good example of how blues rock continually makes you want to bang your head along to the groove.

This album is easy listening, classic rock and roll that will appeal to rock fans that like to ride the span of genres. The thing I enjoy about this album is it just flows in a way that is so smooth, it oozes cool and swagger. It is probably one of the few albums I would actually be allowed to listen to at work without anyone complaining about my music taste. A great album to add to the driving playlist, nice one guys, I like this.

Review by

Alice Chant